Report Police Misconduct

Justice Lab provides free civil representation to and a storytelling platform for people victimized by unconstitutional and racially discriminatory policing. 

If you experienced police misconduct in Louisiana, such as excessive force, wrongful arrest, racial profiling, or illegal search and seizure, contact Justice Lab as soon as possible at 504-350-0100 or by filling out our intake form.

Louisiana is one of just three states with a 1-year statute of limitations on civil cases challenging discriminatory policing, so don’t wait. Even if you have a pending criminal case against you, Justice Lab is here to help. Contact Justice Lab now, and one of our trained staff members or volunteers will reach out.

Justice Lab legal and storytelling services are provided free of charge. To respect your privacy and to prevent retaliation from law enforcement, all communications about those incidents with the ACLU of Louisiana’s Justice Lab are confidential. We will not take any action on your behalf or communicate with any outside parties without your express consent and knowledge.

Stay Informed